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Kurbits Paintings were developed in Dalarna so they can also be called Dala Paintings or Dalecarlian Paintings.
As almost everything seems to be talked about on YouTube I searched for Swedish Kurbits Paintings but found almost nothing, so I decided to make such a film myself. First I made one little film, just showing how to draw the pattern. I thought about making something more and after having bought Filmora I could finally put together pictures in the way I wanted on a video with more information (Unfortunately many of my pictures are too small, but... I am slowly learning!)

When I inserted the map of Dalarna it occurred to me that I had, as a child, been living in exactly this area where these Kurbits Painting Style first was developed. I had not really thought about that before, because my inspiration to make Dala Paintings hit me in 1977 when I was visiting Skattungbyn, a village in another part of Dalarna.

My mother was born in Dalarna, in Ludvika, close to the place where Dan Andersson lived, a famous Swedish author. On Sundays she dressed me up in the yellow Leksand Folklore Dress. Later I spent parts of my childhood in Dalarna and I lived in Insjön and went to school in both Insjön and Leksand. The village Ullvi and the center area for the birth of the Kurbits Paintings is situated between Insjön and Leksand.

My interest in drawing and painting comes from my mother, who had some art education (decorative painting) from art schools in Stockholm, Sweden and Munich, Germany.

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